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Waterfalls, rivers, creeks and lakes - water that flows or is still. More waterfall photos are in the sub galleries for the specific locations, like "Gooseberry Falls State Park" in the Lake Superior Gallery. And many more in the Wisconsin gallery.
Lost Creek Falls, June '22 3Lost Creek Falls, June '22 2Lost Creek Falls, June '22 1Temperance River gorge and bridge on Hwy 61, June '22 1Upper Falls at Gooseberry Falls, May '22Cedar tree with roots at Gooseberry Falls, May '22Cedar trees at Gooseberry Falls, May '22Echo Dells, May 2022 4Echo Dells, May 2022 3Echo Dells, May 2022 2Echo Dells, May 2022 1Morgan Falls, early May '22 2Morgan Falls, early May '22 1Lost Creek Falls, Nov. '21 2Lost Creek Falls, Nov. '21 1Upper Falls at Amnicon Falls State Park, Oct. 21Snake Pitt Falls, Oct. 21 2Snake Pitt Falls, Oct. 21 1At the Temperance River, 2021 1Temperance River gorge 1, 2021

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