Nature Photography for the Heart and Soul

Located in the Blue Hills of northwest Wisconsin. 

Wisconsin landscapes, nature close-ups, healing art and Lake Superior region are the main focus of my photography.


Other services I offer is Pet Photography.

Why the name Soul Centered Photography?
Soul is the essence, the source of existence, the life force and the very fabric of this universe and every being in it.
Love, Beauty, Intuition are functions of the soul which take us out of the mind into the realm of heart and soul - if only for brief moments.
Most of us are so caught up in the mundane day to day living and the density of this physical world. We forget or are unaware of the magic and beauty surrounding us and need reminders.
As photographers we try to capture this perfect and oh so often fleeting moment. Some call a photograph a "moment frozen in time". For me it is an ambivalent term as I want an image to be alive, fluid and vibrating. I want the viewer to get engaged with the viewed.
I want the viewer to experience something of the mystery and glory, grant him/her a peek behind the veil and discover a heightened sense of awareness and peace.
When my photography can be that reminder, that little nudge we all need it has served its purpose.

With my photography I also want to offer a way of bringing the healing power of nature into people's homes at an affordable price. Please check out my page on Healing Art ( In the description you find a link to start the slide show.

Susanne von Schroeder

Art is the conversation between lovers.
Art offers an opening for the heart.
True art makes the divine silence in the soul
break into applause.


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I have had many opportunities to photograph in 2020, mostly in my area and around Lake Superior. Check out my blog ( for the most recent trips and new photos!


Check out my YouTube channel where I share inspirational videos/slide shows.