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I was born and grew up in southern Germany, the daughter of a Lutheran minister.
As a teenager, explorations into the deeper meaning of life led me to join an ashram (spiritual community) in 1979 at age nineteen. In 1987 I transferred to an ashram in the United States, where I was able to focus my attention on growing plants, eventually becoming the head grower of a large greenhouse complex.
I left the ashram in 1999 and established my own flower gardens and nursery. Being surrounded by so much beauty inspired my passion for nature photography, and reading the poetry of mystics such as Rumi and Hafiz has enabled me to explore deeper dimensions within my work.

I am fortunate to call the Blue Hills area in northwest Wisconsin my home. Many of my photos (landscape and intimate nature images) are taken in my immediate surroundings. The other area of interest is Lake Superior which offers such a rich diversity of photo opportunities.

My photographs have been shown at numerous locations throughout the Midwest, mainly Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Many of my Wisconsin photos are published in the bi-monthly "Our Wisconsin" magazine.

I attend a few art fairs in the region as well. 
I published 2 photography books (Seeing Beauty - Photography as visual poetry;
Allow What Is) available for sale at www.blurb.com.

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"Let the Beauty we love be what we do." (Rumi)