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Where magic lives and fairies dance. Woodland scenes, waterfalls, creeks, trees etc., mostly from northern Wisconsin and Minnesota
Woodland path, Slough Gundi 1Woodland path with sunburstPine tree with sunburstCedar treeTrees, Slough Gundi 2At Slough Gundi, Flambeau River 2"Friendship Tree"A family of Cedar Trees, summerMorning lightFoggy morning at the Chippewa River 1Foggy morning at the Chippewa River 4Foggy morning at the Chippewa River, Maple tree clumpFoggy morning at the Chippewa River, Maple trees 1At Cathedral Pines (or Woods) 3Road through Cathedral Pines (or Woods)Magical summer forest 2Magical summer forest 3Creek with mossy rocksSetting sunLittle Waterfall

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