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Morgan Falls is one of my favorite places where magic lives, hidden away in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, near Mellen, WI. It is the state's second highest falls (70 ft) and tumbles down a rock face in steps. It is an intimate place and if you believe in trolls, fairies or 'little people' you surely find them there. It is an easy, short walk from the parking lot along Morgan Creek.

The next place to visit is St. Peter's Dome.
There is so much to see on the 45 minute hike - moss covered rocks, tree roots, little streams and creeks. My favorite time to visit this beautiful place is in the spring as the whole forest floor is carpeted with various wildflowers like Dutchman's Breeches, Merrybells, Trilliums etc. On St. Peter's Dome the world opens up. A clear day reveals Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands 20 miles to the north. The top is 400 ft above the starting point. St. Peter's Dome is a granite dome created during a billion-year-old mountain building phase that saw huge fissures open in the earth's crust. Molten rock welled up from the mantle, forming features like St. Peter's.
Morgan Falls, creek with red rocks, April '21Morgan Falls, red rocks, April '21Morgan Falls, close-up, April '21Morgan Falls, upper fallsMorgan Falls from above, April '21 1Morgan Falls from above, April '21 2Morgan Falls, lower falls, April '21_DSC5996aMorgan Falls, Dec. 2020 4Morgan Falls, Dec. 2020 3Morgan Falls, Dec. 2020 2Morgan Falls, Dec. 2020 1_DSC9957a_DSC9948a_DSC9932aAt Morgan Falls, spring '20 2At Morgan Falls, spring '20 1Blue & Yellow water abstractMorgan Creek, close-upMorgan Falls, April 2020 3

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