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Ancient lava flows, deep gorges, and spectacular waterfalls make Copper Falls one of Wisconsin’s most scenic parks.
The 3,068-acre Copper Falls State Park, located in northern Wisconsin just four miles north of Mellen, is part of the Penokee-Gogebic Range. Billions of years later those mountains have decreased to 1,000-foot hills covered with dense forests, cool ravines, narrow gorges, and beautiful waterfalls. Much of the park’s natural beauty is a result of flowing lava that formed into erosion-resistant columnar basalt.
The highlight of the park is a dramatic, narrow, two mile-long rocky river gorge where the Bad River and its tributary, the Tyler Forks River converge and form several scenic waterfalls. Copper Falls, the park’s namesake, rushes through a sheer rock wall gorge tumbling 40-feet and downstream Brownstone Falls at Tyler’s Fork tumbles 30-feet into the Bad River. The Bad River runs a meandering course northward to Lake Superior penetrating scenic hemlock and maple stands. On either side of the swift-flowing water, the walls of the gorge rise 60-100 feet.

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Bad River & Tyler Fork river confluence, March 15. '21Big ice chunks at river bankBad River gorge, March '21 4Bad River gorge, March '21 3Bad River gorge, March '21 2Bad River gorge, March '21 1Brownstone Falls, March '21Copper Falls, March '21Bad River & Tyler Fork river confluence, March 1. '21Cedar tree with woodpecker holesSnow covered gorgeBad River gorge, March 1. '21Winter scene along the Bad RiverRock formation at the Red Granite Falls areaThe Bad River at the Red Granite Falls area, up close 2The Bad River at the Red Granite Falls area, up close 1The Bad River at the Red Granite Falls areaSwirls at the Red Granite Falls areaWater puddles at the Red Granite Falls areaWoodland path along the Bad River 2