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Created 9-Apr-20
Modified 5-Nov-23
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Moon rise, moon sets. Luna - the mysterious sister in the sky.

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Keywords:Wisconsin, blue, clouds, eclipse, full moon, lakes, landscapes, luna, magical, moon, moonrise, moonset, nature, night sky, reflections, rivers, sky

Super Blue Full moon setting, Audie Lake, Aug. '23Super Blue Full moon setting, Audie Lake, Aug. '23 1Super Blue Full moon setting, Audie Lake, Aug. '23 2Super Blue Full moon setting behind a barn, Aug. '23Super Blue full moon, Aug. '23 6Super Blue full moon, Aug. '23 5Super Blue full moon, Aug. '23 4Super Blue full moon, Aug. '23 3Super Blue full moon, Aug. '23 3, panoramaSuper Blue full moon, Aug. '23 2Super Blue full moon, Aug. '23 1Super Blue full moon rising, Aug. '23January full moon setting 2January full moon setting with siloJanuary full moon setting 1January full moon setting at sunriseSliver of moonMoon at Audie Lake, 9.29.'22February full moon, '22 2February full moon, '22 1