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Created 7-Feb-13
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Patterns created by snow and frost

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Keywords:abstracts, beauty, blue, curves, frost, home decor, ice, lines, nature photos, pattern, peaceful, serene, snow, white, winter

Grass in snow 1Grass in snow 3Grass in snow 4Frosty grass, Audie LakeGrass in snow 5Thee sticks in snowOak leaf in snowOak leaf in iceIce and oak leavesFrozen Creek, close-upNew ice, leaves and RockIce creations, Dec. '20 4Ice creations, Dec. '20 5Ice creations, Dec. '20 3Ice creations, Dec. '20 2Ice creations, Dec. '20 1Snow pillowsGlazed rocksIce and beach pebblesIce and golden pebbles