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in Rusk County of northwest Wisconsin
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The Blue Hills, made of quarzite bedrock, were once a mountain range, older than both the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains. The peaks have been worn down by millions of years of erosion. The last glacier went no further than the Blue Hills area, leaving a legacy of scattered lakes, fertile ground for a productive forest, abundant wildlife and tremendous scenery. Mother Nature provides a scenic mixture of thirty different tree specimen that showcase breathtaking displays throughout the various seasons. Hikers, runners, fishing enthusiasts, mountain bicyclists, fall hunters and cross country skier's marvel at the beautiful scenic views.
In short, the Blue Hills in northern Wisconsin are a special place, and the people who live there consider themselves very blessed.
October Thunderheads, colored by the setting sun, panoramaGolden October Thunderheads, near Bruce, WisconsinOctober Thunderheads, near Bruce, Wisconsin, panoramaSunlit golden maple forest 2Fall colors and reflections, Audie Lake, 2021 1Fall colors, road, 2021 2Early fall colors at Perch Lake 1Late summer sunset, bog reflectionsSummer reflections, Audie Lake, islandSummer reflections, Audie Lake, sun star"Blue Evening" mood at Audie Lake 1Evening Forest mood after a summer rainBog reflections with a layer of fogFoggy sunrise w. kayak, Audie Lake, July '21Foggy sunrise, Audie Lake, July '21Foggy dawn, Audie Lake, July '21A Loon pair in morning fogSunrise with clouds, early July, Audie Lake 3Sunrise with clouds, early July, Audie Lake 1Sunset reflections, Audie Lake, June '21

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