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Spring scenery, landscapes, spring greens, waterfalls and creeks, spring leaves and flowers, new growth, blue sky and clouds, new beginnings
Pastel spring colors, treesSpring landscape with clouds, 2021Nodding Hepatica flowerLittle Falls, rainy spring day 1Full moon setting, March '21 4Full moon setting, March '21 3Full moon setting, March '21 2Lost Creek Falls with sunburst - March '21Spring Equinox Aurora, at a Wisconsin lakeSpring Equinox Aurora, Barn, WisconsinSpring Equinox Aurora, Blue Hills, WisconsinPresque Isle river, close-up, June 2020Presque Isle river, June 2020 3Lake of the Clouds, June 2020 2Presque Isle river, with bridge, June 2020 2Presque Isle river, with Sunburst, June 2020"Strawberry Full Moon", June 5, '20"Strawberry Full Moon", June 5, '20 1Setting Sun framed by trees, June 5, '20Blooming apple tree and barn

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Keywords:clouds, creeks, flowers, forest, green leaves, landscape, new beginnings, new growth, spring, spring green, spring rain, spring sky, waterfalls, woodland