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Amnicon Falls State Park features a series of delightful waterfalls and rapids along the Amnicon River. You can view them from a covered foot bridge or trails along the river, or—if you're sure-footed—from the rocky shore of the river. The park is a place to picnic, camp, walk in the woods, and learn about the Douglas Fault, the geological formation that created the falls.
Derived from the Ojibway words "where fish spawn", the Amnicon River is one of the major streams on the south shore of Lake Superior.Today, it is still an important spawning river for fish from the world's largest fresh water lake.

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Snake Pitt Falls, April '20 1Snake Pitt Falls, April '20 2Snake Pitt Falls, April '20 3Cedar tree at Snake Pit FallsAmnicon River, April '20Horton Bridge, April '20 2Horton Bridge, April '20 1Amnicon River w. steps, April '20Upper Falls at Amnicon Falls State Park, spring '20 2Upper Falls at Amnicon Falls State Park, spring '20 1Horton Bridge, Jan. '20Winter along the Amnicon River 1Snowy woodland pathWinter along the Amnicon River 2Sunburst amongst tall pine treesUpper Falls, close-up, Jan. '20Upper Falls, Jan. '20Inside Horton Bridge, Jan. '20Different view of Upper Falls, Jan. '20Horton Bridge, up close, Jan. '20