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The river is formed by the confluence of the West Fork Chippewa River, which rises at Chippewa Lake in southeastern Bayfield County, and the East Fork Chippewa River, which rises in the swamps of the southern part of the Town of Knight in Iron County, Wisconsin. The rivers' confluence is at Lake Chippewa (Chippewa Flowage) a reservoir in central Sawyer County, which is the official "beginning" of the Chippewa River.
Check out my YouTube video about the Chippewa Flowage and the video about the Chippewa River

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Super Blue full moon, Aug. '23 6Super Blue full moon, Aug. '23 5Super Blue full moon, Aug. '23 3Super Blue full moon, Aug. '23 3, panoramaSuper Blue full moon, Aug. '23 2Super Blue full moon, Aug. '23 1Super Blue full moon rising, Aug. '23Sunset, August '23, Chippewa flowageSunset, August '23, Chippewa flowage, panoramaSetting sun, big driftwood at the Chippewa FlowageSunset in golden, peach & turquoise, Chippewa Flowage, 6.'23June sunset, orange sky, Chippewa Flowage, '23June sunset, Chippewa Flowage, '23Blue Flag (Iris)June sunset, with bog, Chippewa Flowage, '23Painted sky, Blue Hour, '23Blue Sunset mood, Chippewa Flowage, May '23 3Blue Sunset mood, Chippewa Flowage, May '23 2, panoramaBlue Sunset mood, Chippewa Flowage, May '23 2Blue Sunset mood, Chippewa Flowage, May '23 1