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Hollow Rock is a physical feature (arch) or rock with a hole in Cook County, close to Grand Portage. It is a gem along the north shore of Lake Superior and a popular destination for photographers.

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Hollow Rock, waves, fall 2020 2Hollow Rock, landscape, fall 2020Hollow Rock, fall 2020Hollow Rock, waves, fall 2020 1Hollow Rock with birch tree, fall 2020Twisted Tree at Hollow Rock, summer 2020 2Twisted Tree at Hollow Rock, summer 2020 1Landscape at Hollow RockHollow Rock with Seagulls, summer 2020Hollow Rock, summer 2020Soft colors past sunsetView from inside Hollow RockLooking upInside the holeView into the holeSoft sunset colorsHollow Rock, blue hourHollow Rock at sunsetSunset at Hollow Rock resortHollow Rock at sunset, panorama