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Cascade Falls, Baptism River, Dec. '23 2Cascade Falls, Baptism River, Dec. '23 1Baptism river, frozen, Dec. '23 2Baptism river, frozen, Dec. '23 1Two Step Falls, Dec. '23High Falls, Baptism River, Dec. '23 2High Falls, Baptism River, Dec. '23 1Little Sea Stack, Blue Hour, Lake Superior 3Little Sea Stack, Blue Hour, Lake Superior 2Little Sea Stack, Blue Hour, Lake Superior 1Sunset from Shovel Point, Tettegouche State parkColorful water and rocks, Lake SuperiorShovel Point, Lake SuperiorLake Superior shoreline, Tettegouche 4Lake Superior shoreline, Tettegouche 3Lake Superior shoreline, Tettegouche 2Lake Superior shoreline, Tettegouche 1Summer clouds with tree 2Summer clouds with tree 1Tree roots at Two Step Falls, Nov. '22