Soul Centered Photography | Devil's Kettle and Gundy's Canyon, Blue Hills

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Gundy's Canyon and Devil's Kettle are within the same area in the Blue Hills in western Rusk County, Wisconsin.
Gundy's Canyon is a area of quartzite cliffs located along Rock Creek. The cliffs are up to 30 ft high and have rare plants.

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Devil's Kettle, Spring '17 1Devil's Kettle, Spring '17 2Devil's Kettle, early springRock Creek in autumn 4Rock Creek in autumn 3Rock Creek in autumn 2Rock Creek in autumn 5Cliffs in Gundy's Canyon 2Cliffs in Gundy's Canyon 1Rock Creek in autumn 1Devil's Kettle, fall 1Devil's Kettle, fall 2Devil's Kettle, ice meltDevil's KettleDevil's Kettle, creekDevil's Kettle, creek 2Devil's Kettle 2