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Black and White, sepia toned landscapes, waterfalls, buildings and close-ups
_DSC5616zBW_DSC5616zBWPanoCaribou Falls, summer '21 2Caribou Falls, summer '21 1High Falls, June 2021Partly sunny, partly cloudy; black and whitePfahlbauten, Unteruhldingen, black & whiteMagical summer forest 3, B&WMagical summer forest 2 B&WMoody evening, Ellingsen Island '17, Lake SuperiorAutumn trees with reflectionThe Cascades, autumnSunset cloudsSunset Clouds 2Windmills with thunderhead 1, bwWindmills with thunderhead 2, bwCrazy Horse monument with big thunder headBig Bison, close upHigh Falls of the Pigeon River 2High Falls of the Pigeon River 1

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