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Lake Superior during the winter is just as spectacular as it is in the other seasons.
For images of the Apostle Island's ice caves near Bayfield go to the Winter Gallery
Most recent images are at the beginning of the gallery
Watch my YouTube video about the Beauty of Lake Superior's winter and The many Flavors of Lake Superior Ice

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Birch tree in evening lightSunlit iciclesAt Bayfield harborBlue Ice shard 2Blue Ice shard 2, panoramaBlue Ice 2Blue Ice shard 1Blue Ice 1Pile of ice shards, January '23 2Pile of ice shards, January '23 1Ice shard, light & shadows 2Ice shard, light & shadows 1Blue Ice nuggetIce shard, blue iceIce shard like a candle"Iceberg" with reflectionsA row of trees near Sand Bay, Blue Hour, Lake Superior"Ice Creature" near Sand Bay, Dec. '22 1Sunset near Sand Bay, Dec. '22 2Sunset near Sand Bay, Dec. '22 1