Soul Centered Photography | Audie Lake and Perch Lake, Blue Hills

Created 10-Oct-15
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Located in Rusk County, Wisconsin
For more photos of the area visit the "Blue Hills area" gallery and "Fall in the Blue Hills"

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Canoe paddleFishing on Audie LakeFishing on Audie Lake 1Morning fog on Perch LakeReflections on Perch LakeSummer sunset colors 1Summer sunset colors 2Sunset colorsMarch sunsetCold but beautifulSunrise and setting moonSunrise colors and setting moonReflections on "liquid" ice 2Reflections on "liquid" ice, islandsReflections on "liquid" ice, Spruce islandReflections on "liquid" iceEarly winter sceneFrosty trees & Spruce islandFrosty Tamarack trees, close-upFrosty Tamarack trees