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Located in the Blue Hill of Rusk County, Wisconsin
For more photos of the area visit the "Blue Hills area" gallery and "Fall in the Blue Hills"
Floating bog with reflections, early May '22Ice patterns on Audie LakeFloating bog and last ice, late April '22Sun, clouds and reflections, mid April '22Sun, Clouds and frozen lake, mid April '22March sunset, Audie Lake 2022March sun and shadowsWinter sunset with bog, Febr. '22 2, panoramaWinter sunset with bog, Febr. '22 2Winter sunset with bog, Febr. '22 1 panoramaWinter sunset with bog, Febr. '22 1Winter evening, Audie Lake, '22Winter evening with bog, '22Clouds and shadows, Audie Lake '22 2Clouds and shadows, Audie Lake '22 1Clouds and blue sky, Audie Lake '22Long shadows, Audie Lake '22Snow shoe hike with Shanti, Audie Lake '22Sunny winter day with bog, Audie LakeDecember sunset, Audie Lake 2

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