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For images of the Apostle Island's Ice Caves please follow this link:

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New Ice forming, Apostle Islands"Blue Ice" and tree with view to Madeline Island"Blue Ice" with view to Madeline Island"Blue Ice" curve, with view to Madeline Island, WI"Blue Ice" near Bayfield, Wisconsin 4"Blue Ice" near Bayfield, Wisconsin 2"Blue Ice" curve, near Bayfield, Wisconsin"Blue Ice" near Bayfield, Wisconsin 1Ice shard at sunsetPile of Ice shards, sunset colors 2Pile of Ice shards, sunset colors 1Pile of Ice shards, sunset colors. Sand Island at horizonIce shards with blue and pink skyPile of Ice shards at sunsetPile of Ice shards 4Pile of Ice shards, Sand Island at horizonHeading back to BayfieldLighthouse on Strawberry Island, summer 2020Moody Lake Superior on a cloudy summer day 2Devil's Island, summer 2020 2