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Milky Way & Mars with barnMilky Way & Mars 2Milky Way & Mars 1Milky Way at the banks of Chippewa River 1Milky Way at the banks of Chippewa River 2Milky Way at dawnMilky Way over Chippewa RiverMilky Way with tree silhouetteMilky Way with cabinAurora borealis, 5.27.'17 6Aurora borealis, 5.27.'17 5Aurora borealis, 5.27.'17 4Aurora borealis, 5.27.'17 3Aurora borealis, 5.27.'17 2Aurora borealis, 5.27.'17 1Milky Way near Spruce CreekMilky WayMoonlit clouds and Milky WayMoonlit clouds and starsTwilight with moon