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Spring scenery, landscapes, spring greens, waterfalls and creeks, spring leaves and flowers, new growth, blue sky and clouds, new beginnings
Sunset cloudsBranch with new Maple leavesTrillium 5Old SchoolhouseNobody homeNew spring growth is glowingSpring scene 1Branch with new Maple leaves 2Spring scene 2Cedar tree along creekUpper Falls 1, '18"Pink" full moon risingMoon rise at the Chippewa River 1Moon rise at the Chippewa RiverChippewa River in early springChippewa River in early spring, snowRaccoon in evening lightMilky Way at the banks of Chippewa RiverSnow storm in AprilMorning spring mood

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Keywords:clouds, creeks, flowers, forest, green leaves, landscape, new beginnings, new growth, spring, spring green, spring rain, spring sky, waterfalls, woodland